Just Another Blog? I Don’t Think So!!

Mostly everyone would say “so what? one more moron is here with a blog giving reviews”. But this isn’t just another one, it’s something else, something new.

For me travelling is not limited to staying in branded 5 star hotels and luxurious cribs, but finding the best option that can make me feel comfortable and to which I can return, tired and sleep with no worries. For me eating outside does not mean to go have costly dishes with fancy presentation of normal taste in a posh restaurant, but have good quality food which may be not very presentable but is loaded with flavors. I may not post high quality photos of things and places set in proper looking backgrounds, instead I will post true pics within original environment.

This is where the difference exactly fits in. No paid promotions, no fake pics and no condescending reviews. See the world as it is in real; without the social media filters.

This blog will present you how the world really looks like, how your city looks like and that too without forcing dishonest spectacles on your eyes. 

So come, join me on my new journey. See you soon. 


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