Parsi and Irani Food Trails of Pune

Parsis and Iranis are the two communities that fall under the Zoroastrian religion. But, their cuisine falls under only one religion, i.e., Sheer Deliciousness


Parsis landed in the Indian subcontinent as refugees many centuries ago. Since then community has immensely contributed to our society but, we’ll narrow it down to only one; FOOD. The Parsi cuisine has a certain delicious and tasteful distinction to itself. It has a prominent place in the food varieties of Pune. Let’s explore the places for Parsi food in Pune.

Dorabjee and Sons hasn’t seen a change of facade ever since 1878

Dhansak is one of the special main course preparation and its made up of a nice, thick, tangy lentil curry.

Dorabjee and Sons, is not a name to be missed when talking about Parsi food in Pune. Established in 1878, this famous restaurant offers nothing but authentic Parsi dishes. Dhansak is one of the special main course preparation and its made up of a nice, thick, tangy lentil curry. This is served as it is or mixed with chicken or mutton (Dhansak Chicken or Dhansak Mutton). Chicken Salli is another signature dish available here which is nothing but a nice flavoursome, mouthwatering, tangy curry topped with crispy, fried matchstick potatoes .

Chicken Dhanasak with brown rice
Delicious Chicken Salli

Biryani is the star dish here. Available in three variants – egg, chicken, mutton; these are one of the best Biryanis available in Pune.

But, the Biryani is the star here. Available in three variants – egg, chicken and mutton; these Biryanis are prepared with aromatic, soft, long grain basmati rice and then, mixed with three different delicious and flavoursome masalas or gravies of egg, chicken and mutton. Yup, that’s right, no cheating! All three are prepared differently and sincerely. Biryani is served with a complimentary bowl of Dhansak gravy. A bite of fresh and aromatic rice, with some of the succulent meat that falls right of the bone, a tinge of flavourful masala and some tangy dhansak gravy; will leave you licking your fingers and craving for more and more.

Biryani at Dorabjee’s

Iranis have more of a subtle and classic take on the food. They have mastered in creating and providing people with some of the best and evergreen breakfast dishes. Irani food in Pune can be found at some of the most vintage eateries or rather the original Cafes of India. The most prominent one, Goodluck Cafe, is always gushing with hordes of people to grab their daily chai and Bun maska. One must have a plate of broon butter jam here and a spicy masala omelette. Broon is special type of hard crusted bread which is sliced and filled with a layer of butter and fresh fruit jam.

Most famous Goodluck Cafe
Broon Butter Jam with Irani Chai
Classic Breakfast spread :- Masala Omelette, Bun maska, Veg puff

Vohuman Cafe serves some of the best freshly prepared, fluffy and mildly seasoned omelettes that just melt in your mouth and fill you up with energy for the day. Cafe Yezdan is the oldest one and perhaps it’s a place where even time slows down to have a cup of hot irani chai. The place is vintage and gives the feel of old times when everyone used to sit around tables for their morning gatherings with friends and enjoy their breakfast.

Vintage Cafe Yezdan

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These restaurants and cafes have become a perfect addition to the history of Pune and its food.

Parsi community created a food revolution in this part of the country and since then these restaurants and cafes have become a perfect addition to the history of Pune and its food. But, this is only the beginning of what this city has in its store to satisfy our hunger for new and tasty. More and more tantalizing posts coming soon!

Note:- All the locations can be easily accessed on google maps just by clicking the blue links.

Author: Shalabh Kale

A daily life person, with a hunger of discovering and visiting new places, eating a lots of food, and keep repeating these two tasks on and on. This is who I am. See the world as I see it. I am not just another reviewer, I just share my opinions and personal experiences because everyone has a different perspective which should be respected.

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